Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Stuff, I mean, my stuff

The start of the de-cluttering...

I need to purge some clothes, or at the very least, start to organize things by season and activity. I've got tons of winter wear that I don't use much here in CA other than some sweaters, but I'd hate to purge it and find myself moving to Boston. Right now it's the ski jacket that gets the most use. I bemoan the fact that I haven't had any reason to pull out my wool coats.

And then I have warm weather activity wear, like sarongs and surf shorts and a snorkel and mask and fins. Then there's rollerblades and climbing gear. Man, I really need a garage (all this stuff is important!). Also, where do I put my ski rack during the summer months? I've used the car 'til now. It looks a bit silly to drive around with a ski rack in CA in July.

What I really need to do, is get rid of most of the clothing in my IKEA closet thing, or reorganize it to go in my closet. Then I could reclaim that space for storage for neatly organized plastic storage boxes of sweaters, outdoor gear, drafting supplies, college and hs memory boxes, linens, etc. I think that's realistic.

My closet shelves are not being used to full potential because they're unreachable w/o a chair. *lightbulb* Maybe that's where I should store my ski rack! on the top shelf of my big closet! Hmm... do I have room for that?

Tall/long things: skis, vacuum, laundry, ski rack, file cabinets, tent, folding chair


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