Wednesday, March 22, 2006


In my apartment, I have a fairly good amount of storage space. There's a hall closet lined with shelving; a bedroom closet two doors wide with clothing rod and upper shelving; and tons of kitchen cabinets. I've added an IKEA armoire that I had in my last place.

As for storage boxes, I currently have a mismatch of stuff, with much being in cardboard boxes. One of the main things is that they'd have to fit in my closet and still be easily removed. I have a tough time removing my tool box and drafting box from the hall closet because they're stuck up against the side next to the door frame. If I had two storage boxes, I could put one on each side and put things easy-to-remove like pillows and tool boxes in between. Right now I have the long plastic containers and they take up almost the whole shelf, making the empty side almost unreachable. This requires measuring.

Storage boxes:

these are not clear, but they have a cool clear flip down door to access stuff without unstacking.

clear, useful, multiple sizes, cheaper

I could probably find stuff for cheaper at Target or IKEA.


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