Monday, April 03, 2006

Living room progress

I've been able to take the extra piece off the desk and build the second shelf. I moved my monitor to be in the corner between the two shelves and went through all my computer supplies. I trashed a bunch of old manuals and junky computer parts and consolidated the paperwork and disks I still need. I moved the printer and scanner to the shelf at the window and put the GG bridge sculpture and the japanese stained glass on the shelf against the wall. For the time being, I have all the desk supplies and computer cd cases below that shelf, but I think it would look better with them below the other shelf. Things in my living space are shaping up. Time to work on the bottom shelf of the coffee table and the bookcase. I've also got to figure out if there's a good way to store all my drawings that are currently under the desk. That's not really an ideal location.

I got a plant this weekend, so that's on my coffee table. I'm hoping I can keep it alive. I think the items on the top surface of coffee table should be: book (maybe), coasters (could go on bottom shelf), and candle; keys are ok too. Mail should go out of view; for now I'm putting it in the basket on the bottom shelf, but that's really not big enough. Knitting should be moved out of there, as well as the aromatherapy box and christmas cards and whatever else I have there.

Other things in that room to attack: cables - especially next to the tv; location of the 'broken glass' lamp; dvd storage.


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