Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Apartment Therapy Book

Apartment Therapy is starting the 8 step home cure. I'd like to play along, but I'm not really thinking about spending money right now and I can't paint, so all I'd do would be to clear up clutter and move around some art. I don't think that really qualifies for the whole thing, and I think the 'before' and 'after' photos would be too similar. Maybe I'll stop in Books Inc for the AT book today.

Other things to go through (in time):
photos - albums and boxes and digital (and Hawaii!)
books - in bookcases and boxes; what can be donated and what do I read all the time?
closet - mega reorganization, go through the knick knacks; what is an important memory and what will I not miss?
jewelry boxes - how to organize, where to put it/them?
clothes and shoes - all types, what is showing wear and should be retired?

I think I'm going to start getting rid of at least one thing when I get a new thing. We'll see how that works.


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