Friday, March 10, 2006

Furniture and design and my apartment

The Apartment Therapy contest has started me thinking about my apartment. With the laptop now, I don't really have need of a big desk for a computer, and I haven't used my drafting board in at least a year. I think it's time for the drafting board to get folded up and stored under my bed. But then I'm left with a *huge* desk (I mean, the 30x42 drafting board took up only half of it). I should probably get rid of the desk, get a couch bigger than my loveseat, and move the tv to the wall facing the couch instead of the corner.

I'm totally envious of the places that are both warm and modern. I like the clean lines of furniture but still need things to look lived in - as in, no stark empty white spaces or too many horizontal glass surfaces. I'm not a minimalist. Since I'm not about to buy any new furniture at the moment, I'm thinking about moving things around. Maybe I'll pull out the plan of my apartment I played with when I moved in.

Sigh. Who would've thought the purchase of a laptop would spur this whole thought process?