Monday, April 24, 2006

Landing Strip

Where should I put my keys and purse and mail and coat when I get home?

I enter directly into my main living space. There's no hall to use to make putting stuff down easy. See my floor plan.

To the left is my mock-up of a possible solution. You can see there's not much space behind the door and the wall heater makes it hard to put anything nearby. When my front door is completely open, the door knob hits the wall heater, thus preserving a sliver of space behind the door for a shelf. To the left of the heater is a doorway.

Right now the keys and mail go on the coffee table. I'm fairly good about sorting the mail and moving it from there fast into a recycling pile or a basket to file. Some stuff goes straight into recycling before I even get near my apartment. My purse goes on the floor next to the coffee table, The hall closet around the corner is full of shelves, so it doesn't work well for coats. I put an over the door set of hooks where I put my frequently-used coats (or if I'm lazy, they get thrown on the couch for a while. I swap my shoes to slippers on the floor between the door and the couch, but shoes tend to pile up there (there's just under 8" of space on that side). As a side note, in my de-cluttering phase, I've cleared everything off the bottom shelf of the coffee table so it doesn't look as bad.

I've been thinking about putting a little something behind my door. I (barely) have space there for a 12" wide x 4" deep shelf for mail. Since that's not deep enough for magazines or for any sort of console table, it won't serve the all-emcompassing purpose I need it to.

As a compromise, perhaps I'll just add a couple hooks for a coat and purse, and a shelf for flowers and small pieces of mail.

I like this Craftsman hook by Atlas Homewares. Maybe I'll get 2 or 3 in the bronze finish.

Any recommendations?


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