Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Before: Living Room

These photos were taken after I removed the extension to the desk and stored the drafting table under the bed. Looking counter-clockwise around the room:

Photo 1:

This is what you see when entering my 1-bedroom apartment in northern CA. I know Maxwell says not to see a tv first, but I don't know where else it would work given my existing furniture. I'm not replacing any of it soon - saving up.

I like the green broken glass lamp on the floor, and I know it doesn't work here, but I don't know where to put it.

I think the light hanging from the ceiling would be more fun in a color other than white. I have too many neutrals. I hardly ever use it since it's hard to plug in and the whole room has recessed lighting on a dimmer.

I have to angle the speakers away from the tv, otherwise they cause interference and my tv screen gets some funky colors around the edges. I should probably get speaker stands or move them somewhere else, but where? I've just been ignoring it since sound is still good.

I have more dvds than I have storage for at this time.

Photo 2:

On the bookcase I have tealights, photos, aroma therapy, and a beaver candle. The ottoman hides the wireless router, cable modem, extra tealights, and free weights that are underneath. Ok, it doesn't really hide them, but they're there. The bags are the result of recently cleaning out part of my closet. The opening on the left leads to the kitchen.

The metal poles next to the chair are left over from my taking apart the desk extension last week.

Photo 3:

Here's my desk and love seat. The desk takes up a lot less space since I stored away my drafting board, but now the art isn't centered on anything. I'm not really sure where to move it. The love seat is plaid, so I went with a black slipcover, but it doesn't fit that well, and I've found that it has faded after a few washings. I originally thought I'd do this room in black and red against the beige walls, but the black has faded and maybe it's time for a little change. I like the reds still. I pulled the color out of the japanese print on the wall. There's some green and blue and yellow in there too, but I wouldn't want to overdo the color.

My pink and white desk chair is left over from my childhood. It's comfortable enough for now, but I really don't use it much anymore. I thought about a slipcover, but it would have to be short to avoid getting caught up in the wheels.

Photo 4:

In the winter, I often keep my skis leaning against the wall because I'm constantly taking them down to my car every week. I don't have a place to store them that's accessible enough to put them away each week.

The windows are blah. I don't know why the couch looks purple; it's really black.

I'm planning to put some hooks behind the door for coats and purses. Right now I put my purse on the floor next to the coffee table.

I'd like to clear out all the stuff on the bottom shelf of the coffee table and use it for a couple cushions for floor seating.

The issues in this room are mostly little - finishing touches, moving art around, de-cluttering, and adding some color. I'd like to pull the color from the Japanese print on the wall.


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