Wednesday, April 12, 2006

The AT interview

I wrote down my answers to the AT interview, which is supposed to help you determine your style. If anything, I think I'm still where I started. I know that my style is a combination of mission/craftsman and modern. I like warm wood pieces and old world craftsmanship with visible joints and all that. I'm also drawn to clean lines and sleek looking furniture.

My kitchen table is a glass top with funky metal bending legs that kind of make it look like a spider. I wouldn't have guessed that I'd buy a table with a glass top, but I absolutely love it, even years after I bought it. I like Finnish design with wood as a predominant element. The coziest place I know is my parents' cabin, with it's low ceilings, exposed beams, knotty pine walls, wood-burning stove and open plan. There's an intrinsic warmth to it. I don't want my apartment to look like that because it's not appropriate, but I'd like to reproduce the feeling.


Actress: Audrey Hepburn, Sandra Oh, Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe on 24)
Actor: Hugh Grant, Bill Murray
Artist: ?
Writer: Neal Stephenson, Bill Bryson, Dave Barry
Music: ska, opera, big band, Harry Chapin, upbeat melodies
Restaurant: always trying new
Automobile: Audi TT roadster, Mini
TV Show: 24, Gray's Anatomy, South Park
Clothing: ?
Style: sophisticated, fun, functional

Where have you lived?
Born: San Jose, CA
Grew up: San Jose, CA
As an adult: college - Boston/Cambridge, MA
now: Mountain View, CA

Role Model:
1: together, consistent, adventurous
2: poised, classy, involved (and goofy)
3: knowing, take charge, places importance on personal interaction

Problem with the apartment: disjointed, unfinished, pieced together

What would the apartment say the problem is? I need color and energy and fun!

What one thing would you like to do more of? finishing touches - hang art, add color, add window treatments?

How would you like your friends to describe your home? comfortable, warm, stylish


I answered a bit slowly, which means that I make decisions carefully. Yeah, which is part of the problem... I find it hard to make any decisions at all when it comes to design of my place.

Because I didn't really name an artist or clothing, I'm supposedly less visually inclined. I hope not - I work in the design profession! Well, I tend to go for unknown artists and I don't have one in particular whose work I drool over, so I left it blank. I tend to really like wood block prints and things that are segmented or stylized. It's hard to explain. The image is of a print by Byron Birdsall I got in Alaska that I need to frame as part of the cure. I don't care about designer clothes, so I really don't pay attention.

As for the home quiz, I scored an 11 out of 16. That means my home is 'healthy'. Head is ok, Heart had 2 nos, Breath had one no, and Bones had one no. Basically, I need to make my home beautiful and use it to express my style while decluttering and making repairs in a reasonable amount of time.

Tally ho! :P


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