Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Before: Bedroom

This room is the most problematic. It's my dumping ground. I clear out the living room for company and anything that doesn't already have its own space gets dumped on the floor in here. I'm going to try a mini one room cure in here while I mainly do the deep cure.

Photo 1: Door
During colder times of the year, I hang coats here. The part of the room you can see from here is where I keep art that hasn't been hung. There's a tube on the floor and a couple unframed prints between the armoire and the wall. For part of the cure I'll finally get them framed.

Photo 2: Bookcase
I used to keep the laundry in the closet, but then I added a lower clothes rod and didn't have the space. The shelving next to the bookcase is supposed to be used horizontally. I had planned on using it somewhere, but it's been there since I moved in. I'd like to display some of the models on top of the bookcase a little better. I have two lamps and thought I could use one on each side table, but for now I only have one table.

Photo 3: Bed
I like the maroon and the hearts, but I'm tired of them and there's not enough color. I'm really not that girly, so the hearts don't really feel like me even though the maroon does. I'm planning to do glacier blue and chocolate brown in here. I figure adding color to the window will help. I'm renting, and I'd like to avoid paint. I'd rather not have to repaint if I can avoid it, and I don't know how long I'll be here.

Photo 4: Armoire + Dumping Area
I don't use the bolster and should probably get rid of it. Here's another set of skis that I use less often. This IKEA armoire is the elephant in the room. I'd really really like to get rid of it but right now I need the extra storage it provides. It's especially useful in getting my suitcase off the floor and out of the way. Reducing storage to allow me to eliminate this is a long term goal. The majority of stuff inside could be stored in a dresser, probably about 3/4 of it. I store scarves on the doors so they don't wrinkle (or take up space).

Photo 5: Dumping Area aka Outbox
More random stuff for my outbox. The box on the left has items to give away, and the other box is most likely going to be given away too. I've been working to make this outbox pile get bigger.

Photo 6: Closet - left side

Photo 7: Closet - right side
I added that extra bar and it's still full... how does that happen? I have two file cabinets stacked in here on the far right, tucked into the alcove of the closet that's usually unreachable. I also keep my robe on a rolled up piece of leftover carpet that has been here since I moved in. I really should put up a hook and get the landlord to take the carpet away.


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