Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Style Tray: colors, patterns

I've been looking at colors and patterns for my bedroom (blue and brown) and my living room (red and black?).

Some things that strike my fancy...

Living Room: This reddish print is a easy-to-remove wallpaper from Sherwin Williams. It would be interesting to put this up on one wall; maybe the one with the bookcase to see as you come in or the long wall behind the desk. It would definitely be dramatic. I'm still trying to avoid paint as a renter.

Bedroom: I need to add a color to the blue and brown to make them work together better, mainly cooling off the room. Some potential color palettes include a purple and white, though I'm not too fond of the light green with the rest of the colors. I think it starts to look too trendy, which means I'll probably hate it eventually. I'm not fond of the butterfly either, but I like the color combination. The purple has cool and warm characteristics, so it's an interesting bridge. I had been thinking about lighter versions of the blue and the brown, like a sky blue and a camel color, but I'm not sure how that would work.

I was looking at some of my spring clothes and I noticed that one of my skirts has the colors I want to use in my bedroom, minus the green. That's the last photo with the funky design.


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