Monday, April 24, 2006

Progress: weekend boxes

This weekend I started in on some boxes in my closet, specifically ones holding stuff from high school and college. Both boxes contain paper filed in file folders by year or category. It's fairly organized already. The idea for both of these is to eventually merge some of the contents with my photo album, just to give it a little extra something.

I went through the high school box, throwing out old essays and copies of school newspapers. There's still a lot, like dance photos and letters and college applications, among other interesting goodies, but it's not as stuffed as it once was.

Then I started in on the college box. This is about the same size, but I managed to purge more. I need to replace this box with a file box to have it fit better.

So, one box each. Not bad for me. The next box was full of plaques. At one point in high school, they were covering most of a wall above my dresser. Out of the 10+ I found, only 2 meant enough to keep around.

I've got a couple piles in my living room now: one for goodwill, one for my mom to look over to determine extra sentimental value (and if she wants to keep anything), and one of stuff to be sorted and put away.

I'll feel better when it's not all over the place.


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